Artistic Elegance for Hospitality

Our bespoke Art solutions are designed to infuse Hotels with character and distinction, creating memorable experiences for every guest. From luxurious lobbies to serene guest rooms, our curated artworks amplify your hotel's unique narrative, enhancing ambiance and guest satisfaction.

Bespoke Ambiance

we curate art that creates impact, complements the design, and enhances the guest experience in every corner of your establishment.

Contextual Art Integration

Our creative process involves thorough research into the hotel's locale and heritage, drawing upon these elements to craft thematic artworks that offer guests an engaging and coherent visual experience, whether it's through lobby centerpieces or serene spa settings.

Signature Aesthetics

Curate an exclusive collection of art that is commissioned solely for your hotel, ensuring guests encounter a unique visual experience they can't find elsewhere.

Brand Storytelling

Every hotel is a world unto itself, with its unique identity and story. At Strawland, we delve deep into your project's vision, interior design scheme, and brand ethos to ensure our art aligns perfectly with your narrative and ambiance.

Dynamic Spaces

Transform functional spaces into creative showcases that stimulate conversation and admiration, making every corner of your hotel Instagram-worthy.

Strategic ROI

Invest in art that does more than decorate;

it differentiates, driving higher room rates

and occupancy through an enhanced guest experience.

Project Management Excellence

We provide comprehensive project management, coordinating every aspect of the art journey. From the initial consultation to the final unveiling, our attentive oversight guarantees that your project unfolds seamlessly and on schedule.